Design Consultancy

Personalized and effective solutions for you and your business

My consultancy sessions follow talk, development and a lot of commitment. You tell me your company’s values, history and goals. Tell me what you want to solve and I’ll help you with it! I’ll present you with the project that will be more suitable for you.

For example:

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If you want to have more visibility on your business, you could send weekly newsletters to your followers. That way, you’ll be certain that they’ll always remember you when they need someone with your expertise!

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Could it be that your online or physical store use a little help? Being more present in social media can help you a lot to get to your sales’ goals!

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Emotive and, most importantly, sincere campaigns can touch people and make they take action to help your cause!

Do you already have a project in mind and need someone to bring it to life? I can also design it to you from top to bottom. I can suggest something for you, but it’s up to you if you want to take them or not. I’ll totally respect you!

Timeline: what is the process like


Understanding your problem is my priority. We can talk via Skype, email or while drinking a coffee. I want to know your business, your history and your plans for the future. The more information I have, the more effective the solution will be


After talking to you, I’ll send you a document containing the information we have discussed and what I think is the best project to follow based on that. Investment, deadlines and special conditions will be specified on it.


Then, when we’re ok about the proposal, I begin the development of the project. In this stage, each client has a different experience, due to different natures and goals of each case


At every stage of the project, you’re aware of how it’s being developed. The development stage and the feedback stage have a cycle, until the project reaches a resolution. This process is repeated as much as possible and needed, until you have a perfect product


After the total approval of all deliverables, I’ll send you the files ready to implement. At this last stage, I will also ask for feedback about how your experience was so that I can improve and give you a better experience in the future

Key points

Or what you’ll get working with me

Weekly reports

Reports are documents sent to you to inform you how the project is going. If we have a meeting, I’ll send you a summary of what was discussed and changes to the development.

Product portfolio

This will be presented to you as a variety of products and solutions, each one with a specified reason to be implemented, so that you have options to work with.

Knowledge for life

The goal of a consultant is to share her knowledge and usually that can be applied to a lot of areas other than the specific job. My expertise covers marketing, internal communications and more.

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Ok, I think I got it. But what about the proposal?

The proposal is the document that will be sent to you as soon as we talk about your business and goals. There will be written details of the service and deliverables, as agreed beforehand; deadlines, project’s schedule and date of finalization; pricing; and other specific details.

Deliverables examples

Web Design

Email Marketing

Banner, poster, flyer

Stationary (Folders, business card, letterhead design)

Video, infovideo


3D model

Usability test

The above mentioned deliverables have different formats, sizes and are made to target certain audiences. If you are not sure if an email marketing, for example, is the best for you, I suggest talking to me before and tell me about your business.

Are you ready to begin?

Write me about your idea. I’ll send you an email so that we can set the right arrangements! If you prefer, you could send me an email at