Mellina is a well-rounded designer, who is passionate about finding elegant and efficient solutions to her clients

In an increasing visual and sensorial environment, design is turning out to be a crucial tool to strengthen brands and solve problems!

Check out what design can do for you and your business!

I want to...

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Increase donations

Donations to Nonprofits are fundamental to their maintenance. Talk to me if you see numbers running low or want to cover new ground!

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Increase your sales

I can help you and your business identify areas to optimize your sales

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Increase visibility

Do you want to be more influential in your area? Maybe investing on your personal branding and business strategy could be a solution

I can help!

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Have you ever thought about using design to solve business, educational and social problems? Let’s talk and I’ll tell you how this can be possible

Don’t know where to begin? No problem! I’ve got effective process to identify the right path for you!

What my clients tell about me

“Impressive work! Mellina is fun to work with, available and really professional. It makes it really easy to work with her.”

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Some solutions in products

Websites, landing pages, email marketing, business cards, A/B testing, videos, posters.

For more, check out all the products or my personal portfolio


I am pretty friendly, promise! I will contact you as soon as possible.